Esther Bosshard – Biography

Esther Bosshard (b. 1994 in Wellington) spent three years studying Painting at the Dunedin School of Art and completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2015. In a world she sees as increasingly fragmented, chaotic, and noisy, her paintings are a manifestation of her quest for a simpler, quieter meditation on life, paying homage to the modest overlooked objects and landscapes in our lives.

She has always been interested in the conceptualisation of the everyday in painting, because, in her words, “I love the myriad of detail, colour, pattern, form and light that we live amongst and remain largely oblivious to. My paintings, I hope, encourage introspection, recognition, and at the very best, the opening of the eyes of the viewer to the incidental beauty in his or her own life.”

A recipient of the 2015 Feldspar Scholarship and the 2015 Webb Farry Award for drawing, as well as painting and growing flowers, she also teaches life drawing at the Dunedin School of Art night classes.


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